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Full Service Barbershop & Lounge


I am the proud owner of Fleet Street Barber Company, a full service, upscale barber shop in the heart of Trenton, Ontario. Established January 28, 2020.

Originally from Milford Station, Nova Scotia, I have been a Trenton resident since the summer of 2008, when I was posted here as a member of the Royal Canadian Airforce. What I found here was a wonderful little town with huge potential. In the time I have been here, Trenton has grown and evolved and continues to do so. I am very excited to be a part of that growth.


When I left the service, I went to St. Lawrence College to train as a hairstylist and discovered a great interest in barbering, and barbering culture. Gone are the days when only women get to indulge in style and comfort. More and more men are looking for not only a nice haircut, but a great atmosphere where we can relax and enjoy some of the finer things in life. It is my pleasure to create that space. Here, men can take some time to look and feel great. I can't wait to see you in my chair. 

Peter Fletcher


Meet The Team


Hayley Austin
-Shop Manager-

Hayley arrived in Canada in 2008 from the seaside town of Portsmouth, England. As a student of creative arts and music, she makes a point of supporting arts and culture in the Quinte West area as both an audience member and a content contributor, fronting her band, Hayley and the Pirate Queens.


Because Fleet Street Barber Company strives to be community centric as well as artistic minded, Hayley is a perfect fit. We are very lucky that she decided to call Canada and this community home.


Sean "Pappa D" Doyle

As a lifelong Trenton resident, Sean is a fixture in the community. He is a big part of the local music scene, not only as the drummer for Moon Sugar and Dead Sparrows, but also as a recording engineer who has worked with musicians across Ontario. 

In 2017, Sean decided to set his creative sights on hairstyling. He studied at Donaldson By Design in Trenton, plied his trade in Trenton and Cobourg before finding a chair here. We are very happy to have him as part of the Fleet Street community.


Desmond Fletcher
  -Shop Assistant-

Desmond was born in Victoria, British Columbia and has lived in Trenton since 2008. He has been part of Fleet Street Barber Company from the very beginning, first helping to renovate the space, then helping to maintain it. So it's only fitting that his first job be here. 

Fluent in both English and French, Desmond is a solid, quiet, dependable young man whose attention to detail and easy manner makes him a most welcome addition to the team. 


Logan Dillon

Logan was born in a cave in the wilds of Southern Ontario during a full moon. As a toddler, he left his cave and made his way to Trenton where he has lived ever since. 


In the spring of 2022, Logan came to Fleet Street Barber Company looking to learn the craft of barbering. He was hired as an apprentice and has since become a very talented barber.   

His quirky sense of humour and positive attitude adds a very welcome dimension to the shop.   

Meet The Team






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10am - 6pm
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9am - 3pm

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No Show
Any scheduled appointment that is missed without cancellation.

To avoid a "No Show" flag, please cancel no later than 1 hour prior to a scheduled appointment.

No Show Flag
Each "No Show" is flagged on a customer's profile. If a customer has 3 "No Show" flags, they can no longer block off time for an appointment. They are still welcome to walk in and receive barber services if time permits.


No Show Policy
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